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Marketing Chicks in a PT World

On “Marketing Chicks in a PT World,” Amy and Jordan discuss helpful tips while enlightening you on the quirky things they experience as two non-medical professionals in the world of Physical Therapy.  Just a couple of marketing “chicks” bringing some insight and entertainment to your Wednesdays. Stay tuned for- The Good, The Real, The Quirky.

Feb 9, 2022

We're covering all things Winter Olympics in this episode with not one but two guests! We bring on Dr. Janine Nesin and Gwen Murphy to reminisce on their trip to Beijing in 2017 where they were invited to teach a course for the Chinese Olympic Medical Committee. Of course, they're sharing all of their favorite tourist adventures and Winter Olympics events too!
Keep listening for a three ingredient cocktail called the Olympic to sip while watching all the fun go down!