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Marketing Chicks in a PT World

On “Marketing Chicks in a PT World,” Amy and Jordan discuss helpful tips while enlightening you on the quirky things they experience as two non-medical professionals in the world of Physical Therapy.  Just a couple of marketing “chicks” bringing some insight and entertainment to your Wednesdays. Stay tuned for- The Good, The Real, The Quirky.

Sep 23, 2021

You've heard of a marathon, but have you heard of a microthon? In this episode, we're sharing details on our favorite upcoming event, the Rocket City Microthon with Lesley, the Race Coordinator. We couldn't let you guys run the 0.12K without a few training tips, so we've also got Andrea, PT, DPT, and Madison Clinic Director to equip the elite non-athletes for a race of this magnitude. Then in case beer isn't your thing, we end the episode with a Fall must have cocktail on our Therapy on the Rocks segment!